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          The 大学 of Newcastle, Australia

          Local Engineering graduate lands an Ivy League spot

          Thursday, 30 July 2020

          A University of Newcastle Electrical Engineering graduate, Sam Parker, has been accepted to Brown 大学 – a prestigious Ivy League research university in the United States.

          man holding robotic armSet to study a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Sam will focus on researching brain computer interfaces.  These are devices that measure the electrochemical signals of the patient’s brain when completing a task, then use these signals to control a computer, or a prosthetic.

          The opportunity builds on Sam’s final year project work at the 大学 of Newcastle, where he was awarded Best Project for developing a brain-controlled robotic arm.

          He built software and hardware to record brain activity encoded as scalp voltages, sending the data wirelessly to a laptop, where an algorithm to decode the signal is computed.  The EEG brain signal is wirelessly sent to a 3D printed prosthetic hand, where the decoder is used to interpret the signal in real-time and execute a ‘hand open’ or ‘hand close’ movement.

          Acceptance into Brown 大学 – which is at the forefront of brain computer interface study – brings Sam one step closer to fulfilling his long-time dream of improving the lives of people living with amputation or paralysis by restoring their lost function.

          山姆,一个 2020 John Monash scholar, will relocate to Rhode Island, U.S in August to commence his studies at Brown 大学.



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